• Ben Messer

Do I have to be nude?

The quick answer is no. You don’t need to do anything you would prefer not to do. The long answer is still no, but there are some considerations. I look at boudoir as a means to being body positive. Some people are already there, and some could use a different take to get there, a chance to see things from another perspective. It doesn’t get outside of a lot of people’s box than to be bold, and jump into the deep end. The are plenty of photographers in the area who can do traditional portraiture, but capturing the essence of boudoir for that impact, not so many.

It’s also good to keep in mind what is nudity, and what is implied nudity. Using props, and careful posing placement you get all of the impact while still being covered. This is the style I work best with. Again it’s all up to you and any boundaries are always respected.

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