• Ben Messer

Why Choose a Boudoir Shoot?

There are a lot of reasons to choose a boudoir shoot, but possibly the best reason is to promote a positive body image. Every day women are bombarded with negative messages, mainly meant to help market products. Everything from makeup to shiny new workout equipment, the message is that however you are, you could be better. Is this really true though? How much does it take to be "better", and is it ever really enough, or is there another product waiting to be sold to you? Boudoir can help you see yourself in a different way, through the vision of another, without any negativity, or need to improve. Boudoir can also be a healing process if you have been in a bad relationship, or experienced events that have made you look at yourself negatively. Boudoir can be an opportunity to change a negative mindset to see the real, and beautiful you.

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