• Ben Messer

Your peace of mind

In today's world it is important to consider security, especially for sensitive images. My career focus, outside of boudoir photography has been in Information Systems and Security. I've seen many ways that digital storage can be compromised. When you have a photo session with Bare Expressions I take your security very seriously.

After you phot session images remain on a connected system as little as possible. I edit the images, put them on a separate drive, and then that is locked in a safe box. When it becomes time to choose your images we select what you want, and that gets sent to the printing company, then images go back to lockdown. 30 days after your order comes in, and we have determined it is to your satisfaction, the images get deleted. Unless we have some sort of open ended agreement I don't use them for anything. This makes things easier for me to manage, and gives you security piece of mind. If you have any questions please feel free to message me.

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